Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blue Dogs Squander Obama’s Political Capital and the Voters Demands of a Democratic Congress.

When I read this AP story line, I really got pissed:
AP- A bipartisan group of senators is closing in on a health care compromise that omits key Democratic priorities..."

What the hell! It’s nice to get rid of “KEY DEMOCRATIC PRIORITIES,” isn’t it? I didn’t know we lost the 2008 elections to a bunch of Democratic Republicans-Blue Dogs.

The blue dogs Democrats are disenfranchising independent voters and the base, leaving only one voter choice in the mid-terms; staying home and a boycott of campaign contributions. At least that’s my plan right now.

If things truly have to get worse, and that’s hard to imagine, then so be it. Apparently voters haven’t had enough of job losses, job insecurity, lost buying power, losing health insurance, paying higher premiums, dependence on oil and handing public services over to for profits private interests at taxpayer expense.

These “blue dogs” are instead in a permanent state of election, like the Republican Party, where keeping their jobs is more important than the overwhelming party platform to provide affordable health care, jobs, energy independence and a new economic engine. Here’s another lines I couldn’t believe:
… The House bill models the payments based on Medicare, but the so-called Blue Dogs want a negotiated rate similar to private insurance.

If the rates are similar to private insurance, than WHAT’S THE POINT? What’s that…oh…insurance profits. Hell, what was I thinking.

What the Blue Dogs will accomplish is a reform package that will hand the Republicans a justifiable reason to say reform didn’t work. It plays into their hands. Big surprise.

I have to take a break here. I’m completely losing it now…

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