Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wisconsin Family Action: Gay Marriage Opponents and Bigots, are Going After Domestic Partner Benefits

I hope that I don’t sound mean spirited when I refer to the president of Wisconsin Family Action as a wack job, a loon, sick and a fringe element of society.

I have had the chance to interview Julaine Appling on WIBA-AM during my one year “Crossfire” stint with Upclose host Vicki McKenna. She sounded "off balance" and scary, and I told her so. Anyone this driven to "save marriage,” knowing that 50% of married couples get a divorce despite the existence of gay individuals, is nuts. They have little concern for heterosexual marriage, or changing laws making it more difficult or impossible to divorce, which is more in line with WFA extremist views. That’s my reason for suspecting, actually knowing for sure, that they have a more homophobic bigoted agenda.

During the debate and final implementation of the Wisconsin Marriage Amendment, Appling assured voters that their only intention was to protect marriage, and not affect partnership policy benefit programs. That was a lie, and the proof reared its ugly head today:

"Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), through their attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund, filed a petition for original action with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, asking the Court to declare the domestic partner registry Gov. Jim Doyle authored in the 2010-11 state budget unconstitutional and to issue a permanent injunction against it. The petitioners and their attorneys believe the domestic partner registry violates the Wisconsin Marriage Amendment … Appling said, “This new domestic partnership scheme is a sneaky assault on marriage from those who are determined to redefine marriage in Wisconsin.”

Remember, Appling assured voters that she was only concerned with marriage at the time. Sneaky is a word Appling freely applies to her morally bankrupt and unethical vision of society. Who else would see demons in our sons and daughters, friends and neighbors?

“This registry is an assault on the people, the state constitution, the democratic process, and the institution of marriage, which the people voted so recently and so overwhelmingly to protect,” said Appling. “Gov. Doyle and the legislators who approved the registry in the budget are obviously more concerned with advancing the agenda of a fringe activist group than representing the people who elected them.”

Ah, the old ploy of projection. Appling oddly accuses non-bigots and Constitutional protectors of the equal protection claus as “fringe.”

Appling said, “A reasonable person observing this registry would easily conclude that it mimics marriage and is a test of the marriage amendment and the express will of the people."

Only a reasonable person would see this as a sick, angry bigoted affront to the freedoms instituted in our Constitution. That’s why AMENDMENTS to the state constitutions are necessary to remove rights.

So is Appling a bigot? Here's what she said about gay people: "I think we’ve been extremely tolerant in allowing them to live wherever they choose" — Julaine Appling.

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  1. I hear rumors that she once referred to gay people as "satan's minions."

    Sorry to say this, but I sure hope karma bites her in the ass someday.