Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wisconsin GOP Bashes Pro Business Group. Too Liberal.

When you see a headline like, “New Wis. business group draws GOP criticism,” you have to wonder why any organization supporting business would anger conservatives. The answer is simple:

AP- A Republican state lawmaker is criticizing a new statewide business group, saying it's nothing more than a front for Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.
The truth is, Republicans are owned by big business, so how can a more centrist liberal organization ever represent the corporate/Republican Party business model? Rep. Robin Vos appears to be tearing back the curtain, and admitting that the GOP represents business, not the people who cast their votes for representation. Is it so impossible for the Wisconsin Business Council to include representatives from AT&T, Park Bank and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield?

The problem is (a problem for Democrats and not Republicans), is that the director is former Doyle administration official Marc Marotta. Republican former lawmakers can head up, own and represent any organization they want, but Democratic officials are barred from making a living once they leave office. They're not allowed to spread their liberal philosphy.

The very idea that “The council says its goal is to develop a pro-business, pro-employment agenda,” instead of declaring publicly every chance they get how bad Wisconsin is for business, is just the opposite message they want to give to the free market, anti-government zealots.

Republican state Rep. Robin Vos of Caledonia says if the group were serious it would have organized to fight parts of the recently passed budget. Those parts include higher taxes and fees that other businesses publicly opposed.
Of course, Vos isn’t going to mention the absense of WMC when the state tried to get GM to reopen the Janesville plant. They were a no show. They didn’t say a word or spend a penny. Rep. Vos must think there is only one side to the business philosophy. Vos apparently bought into the GOP’s misinformation campaign.

Are we about to see the return of corporate responsibility to states and local communities?

God help us.

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