Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Republicans Want you to Lose Faith in the Voting System. Trust No One.

In Wisconsin, the Republican Party has done everything they can to make it appear like our state elections are replete with voter fraud. And since our elections are supposedly corrupted by people trying to vote twice, many of the rank and file conservative voters no longer believe our electoral process works. They don’t trust it.

Mission accomplished.

AP-A five-year strategic plan for running elections in Wisconsin doesn't do enough to combat voter fraud, concerned members of the public on Tuesday told a group of experts drafting the proposal. Ardis Cerny of Pewaukee, who described herself as a concerned citizen, said she was shocked that the words "voter fraud" didn't appear in the 74-page plan. Cerny said the plan focuses too much on making voting a convenience rather than ensuring it is free from fraud. "The people of Wisconsin have lost confidence in our voting system," she said.
Cerny is just one of thousands of Republicans convinced by their fear mongering leaders that someone is always out to get them, even in the voting booth.

No place is safe, unless you’re armed.

This is the scary life of a conservative. But I digress.

The real issue is election fraud, not voter fraud. It’s those who manipulate the system from the inside. In Wisconsin, even though you would never know it, the system is pretty secure:

Many concerns were raised prior to last year's presidential election about the threat of voter fraud, but few problems were reported. Only six people have been charged with election-related crimes in Milwaukee County stemming from the election and a Government Accountability Board survey of district attorneys released in April showed that only two other election cases were known to be filed statewide.

The details of these few cases were not revealed in a quick media search unfortunately. I wonder how many of the election related crimes were committed by Republicans. In many cases, felons account for most of the infractions due to confusion about their voting rights, and most cases are dismissed or reduce.

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