Friday, July 24, 2009

Liberal Midwest Oasis, Madison-Wisconsin, Embodies the Entrepreneurial Spirit says Entrepreneur Magazine. Stumped GOP Planning to Attack Messenger.

To hear Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce, Republican politicians and conservative radio talk show hosts talk about Madison, you’d think the nationally known liberal city is the enemy of business. Ah, but that’s exactly what they would like you to think. Like everything else they tell us, it's really just the opposite.

Madison has been named by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the ten most friendly cities for start-ups in the country. Madison gets kudos for adding biotech, gaming, medicine and software to its traditional areas of agriculture, education and state government.

Cities on the list were chosen for having the openness, energy and can-do attitude that embody the entrepreneurial spirit, the magazine article said.

The question to ask our corporate friendly Republican politicians is; What was that about liberal Madison’s anti-business reputation?
Oops. It looks like we caught them in another lie.

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