Friday, July 31, 2009

Madison's Art Paul Schlosser Gets a Few Seconds of the Colbert Bump

Good friend and Madison street performer Art Paul Schlosser may be getting the Colbert bump after Comedy Centrals Colbert Report featured, for a few seconds, Art Paul's "Best of" cd on Thursday nights show. What are the odds?

I tried to give Art Paul "My own kind of bump" when I did an entire hour of his music, live, on my old Triple M morning show. While Art was there in the studio singing his songs, management blew a gasket, deciding I had gone off the deep end. My morning show got the Triple M bump a few months later.

Now Art is getting his due.

Update: Thanks for the tip on Art Paul's new Stephen Colbert Song. Here it is.


  1. art paul schlosser has written a song about stephen colbert.

  2. Hey if you like me(Art Paul) come to the Open mic which me and Chris Skinner co-host every Monday night at the Mercury Lounge in Madison at 117 East Mifflin.

  3. I no longer play at the Mercury Lounge so if you want to know where I play facebook me at