Friday, July 31, 2009

Republicans Problem: Understanding Irony.

"Irony is wasted on the stupid."

Sure I've offererd up my own analysis of the "rabbit hole" qualities found in the Republican Party, but I thought this perspective offered up by a listener of Air America expands on the more surreal characteristics. I'm not a big fan of comparing the Republcian Party to another countries repressive government, like Iran, but for some reason this hit the right note with me. The irony; the right wingers are calling on the Iranian people to take down their theocratic goverment, a similar kind of government God fearing American's would like to put in place.

The comment below is in response to the story about conservative blogger John LeBoutillier admission to Air America’s Lionel that the GOP is no longer a national party.

Oh, the GOP exists all right. It's in Iran.

Uh, let's see:

1. They insist this is a Christian Nation (except in Iran, it's "Islamic Nation"), but still, "religious nation".(the conservatives or Iran or both?)

2. They hate the gays and feminists (the conservatives or Iran or both?)

3. They want teaching evolution to stop and teach mysticism in it's place (the conservatives or Iran or both?)

4. They want to pledge to "God" in public schools (the conservatives or Iran or both?)

5. They want the clergy to pick political candidates (remember when the church refused Kerry it's magic wafer because they didn't like his political views?)(the conservatives or Iran or both?)

6. They like war and torture (the conservatives or Iran or both?)

You see, every question is answered with "both". How is the government of Iran different than the Republican platform? (theme from Jeopardy here)Answer: Iran does what the GOP wants to do.

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