Thursday, July 23, 2009

Governor Candidate Walker Wants to Dismantle Milwaukee County After Blowing it Up as its Executive.

Scott Walker wants to be governor of Wisconsin. One problem; He’s mismanaged Milwaukee County. He’s run it into the ground. His only option now is to dismantle the government body he destroyed. I’m not kidding. I don’t know if anyone else in the country has proposed a similar solution to a problem the County Executive created for himself. Walker’s ideology prevented him from representing the people of the county and from making tough political decisions that might run up against his own firm beliefs.

So now, Walker wants to dismantle Milwaukee County government. WOW

Journal Sentinel- … Scott Walker's proposal to dismantle Milwaukee County government.Walker, the county executive who is running for governor, renewed his call to parcel out county functions to the state, municipalities and to governmental districts yet to be created.
According to formula, Walker’s incompetence and mismanagement of the county has Mayors salivating to do the job Walker ignored.
Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke said that if cities receive the funding now given to the county, they could do a better job at tasks such as maintaining county roads. He noted that 19 cents of every $1 in property taxes paid by Greenfield residents goes to the county.Neitzke said, "It's apparent that something needs to be done that's dramatic, and the old business-as-usual model, it seems pretty clear it isn't going to work."
Success! Government is so bad, local officials are desperate enough to dissolve the county government.

Walker has proposed having the state take over administration of public assistance programs, social services for seniors and people with disabilities, and the courts. Cities and villages could take over maintenance of county roads. He also advocated for new, specialized districts to run transit, the parks, and the zoo and local cultural institutions.

The ideas drew criticism from Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue, a former Milwaukee County supervisor. "If elected governor, would (Walker) support adding thousands of jobs to the state's payroll, because that is what would have to be done under his proposal ... Why blow up one form of government only to turn around and create another one, i.e. parks and transit? I do not support unelected boards like MATC and MMSD having the authority to levy taxes, and I fear that is what could happen under his proposal."

Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor said changes must be made. "... we're going to have to do something to save the county parks and the county trunk roads; they're in dismal condition."

Where did Walker get the bailout plan for his own incompetence? From business interests of course.
Walker's outline closely matched reforms floated by a panel formed by the Milwaukee business community. He said his reforms would be fleshed out by a report from the Public Policy Forum due by the end of the
Walker was such a failure, the County Board had an even better idea.

Last week, County Board Chairman Lee Holloway proposed eliminating the county executive's job, which is elected, in favor of an administrator hired by the board.
Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker succeeded where all other conservative politicians have failed. He has destroyed a citizens faith in their own elected representatives to the point where dismantling government sounds like a good idea. Responsible management is either not an option, or not worth the risk.

Walker is the ultimate Republican. Too sum it up, from the jsonline:
Supervisor John Weishan Jr., said ... the problem with government isn't the county executive office, it's Walker, said Weishan.

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