Thursday, July 23, 2009

Republicans Exploit Recession, Blame Democrats and Compare Them to Bernie Madoff

Let me get this right: Companies are shedding employees by reducing wages and benefits to survive and Republicans demanded employees at GM and Chrysler reduce their wages and benefits, yet now a few elected right wingers in Dane County, Wisconsin are refusing to take a 5% pay cut because it’s unfair to “employees.” From the department of "Republicans having it both ways when it's politically convenient," the Wisconsin State Journal:

All but two Dane County Board supervisors have agreed to take a 5 percent pay cut for the rest of this year, in solidarity with county employees … Sups. David Wiganowsky, of Sun Prairie, and Kurt Schlicht, of Cross Plains.

Wiganowsky said he declined to take the pay cut — $205 out of each supervisor’s $8,200 annual salary — blaming the county’s difficult financial situation on Falk’s fiscal policies … "I don’t think we should be balancing the budget on the back of the employees or anybody else," Wiganowsky said.

Schlicht said he didn’t want to give the county "additional money to be mismanaged." "I would much rather give my money to Bernie Madoff than Kathleen Falk," Schlicht said.

It's funny how the county employees were smart enough to recognized the NATIONWIDE recession as the underlying cause of the operational deficits.
The county’s employee unions agreed to a 5 percent pay cut for the rest of the year in exchange for six days off through the end of 2011.

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