Monday, July 6, 2009

Palin Can’t take the Heat, the Pressure or get Her Way, so She Quits. Real Presidential Material.

Nine reasons, there are thousands more, why the Wasilla whiner Sarah Palin has been scaring so many people.

(AP) - Ever since Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin returned from the presidential campaign trail, many Alaskans felt her heart wasn't in the job.
1. One lawmaker quipped after her state of the state address … that the only eye contact she made in the legislative chamber was with the television camera.
2. Her recent appointments, including an attorney general candidate who became the first Cabinet appointment ever rejected by the Alaska Legislature.
3. A potential veto override of nearly $29 million in federal stimulus funds for energy efficiency programs. She rejected the funds, fearing … strings attached. Legislators said they could find no such strings.
4. Palin's natural gas: whether North Slope leaseholders will commit to shipping gas in the pipeline, which is still at least a decade away.
5. Palin's quitting may be more about something simpler: cutting her losses.
6. Political observers … say the governor was a disengaged presence around the state Capitol since she returned from the presidential campaign trail, and it was obvious her heart wasn't in the job. "She had a surprising amount of disinterest in state government after November," said state Rep. Les Gara, D-Anchorage. "She showed a complete lack of interest in solving them (problems)."
7. Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, (now Governor), said, "I think what I heard from the governor really had to do with the weight on her, the concern she had for the cost of all the ethics investigations and the like, the way that that weighed on her with respect to her inability to just move forward Alaska's agenda on behalf of Alaskans in the current context of the environment. So that's what I saw," he told Fox News Sunday.
8. (A) Juneau political watcher says the governor's resignation makes sense. With the complete breakdown of her alliance with Democrats, she has no ability to move her policies forward in. Indeed, her Alaska agenda, the gas pipeline in particular, is likely to fare much better with her out of the picture."
9. Palin has also faced growing criticism within the Republican party. Vanity Fair magazine published a highly critical piece on Palin, with unnamed John McCain campaign aides questioning if Palin was ever really prepared for the presidency.

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