Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Presidential Candidate Romney's Massachusetts Health Care Reform Good, then Bad, then Good...

Health care should be debated, Republicans say, so people can decide for themselves what is best for the nation. The flaw in that plan: The confusing mixed up information used in the debate. While grooming Mitt Romney for a 2012 presidential run, Fox News and the GOP are pushing Romney's record on reforming health care in Massachusetts. The only problem is, they hate it, then they like it, then they hate it again, then they.....

Fox News' Carl Cameron brags that Romney's plan in an example of a successful free market model, without government intervention. Stewart Varney apparently didn't get the Romney campaign memo and bashed the Massachusetts plan for its huge premium increases. Chiming in is Michael Cann from the Cato Institute and Glenn Beck, citing a recent poll showing dissatisfaction with the plan, complaining the poor find health care unaffordable (again?) and only a few who think its working (26%).

Does anyone know what they're talking about?

According to a June 1, 2009 article from Fox News:
On health care, Romney pointed to the successes of his own plan but criticized Obama's for its emphasis on a public option. "The president's plan makes an enormous error by saying we're going to put government into the insurance business. We got everyone in Massachusetts insured and we did it without putting government into the insurance business," he said. "We said instead we're going to help people get private free enterprise kind of insurance they can buy from a number of different companies." He said the system led to plunging premiums while offering a healthy choice of options for consumers.

There it is folks, an open admission by Romney himself that the Massachusetts plan is a shining example of the private free enterprise system. Now check out the video for a shocking surprise.

If memory serves me, I believe Romney did not want to take credit for the health care reform he signed into law, complaining it wasn't what he wanted.

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