Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Republican State Rep. Townsend: Tax Credits not enough for Businesses. How About a Sales Tax Holiday

The “free market” is a wonderful thing. It works best when you get government out of the way, right? Wrong. These firm Republican convictions are tossed out the door when it comes to the government stepping in with a little taxpayer handout. Even tax credits for business, paid for by taxpayers, aren’t enough to allow the “free market” to work.

Northwestern.com:"Republican State Rep. John Townsend said tax credits included in the Wisconsin state budget may not be the answer for retaining companies like Mercury Marine … considering consolidating operations at Fond du Lac or Stillwater, Okla., a plant currently employing about 400.

"The problem with
tax credits are they're only good if the company is making money," the Fond du Lac Republican said. "They can be good if the economy is going well or you're trying to encourage a company to come to a state or expand in a state. They could be very good incentives."

So how do you allow the free market to work its magic and convince Mercury Marine to stay in Wisconsin? Do you convince people they’re not so poor? Do you tell them they're not going to lose their jobs? Or do you convince them that now is the right time go shopping? The answer is, GO SHOPPING!

"In an effort to shore up the boating sector, Townsend announced plans to introduce a bill that would encourage buyers to purchase new boats, motors and trailers by offering a one-year moratorium on Wisconsin state sales tax. The moratorium would apply on purchases up to $30,000."

Crazy talk? God yes. Either Townsend wants a law that only affects the boating industry, exempting them from paying a sales tax or, no sales tax on any purchases in the state for a whole year. Either way, Townsend must have forgotten that Wisconsin is having a problem paying its bills.

If we have learned anything in the past year, except for Democrats and Americans all over the country, people want to go on a spending spree.

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