Monday, October 27, 2008

Voter Fraud: The Dead Continue To Show up to Vote

The next time your hear Republicans complain that dead people are registered to vote, think of the poor couple who found out that one of them was dead, her very alive husband.

John and Marge Jacoby are 40 year residents in Madison, who have never raised an election officials eye brow, until now.

According to AP: They went online earlier this month to verify their voter registrations, and they couldn't.

When Marge called the city clerk to investigate, she learned her problem was the records didn't include her date of birth. The problem with her husband's? He was listed as deceased.

John said, "They didn't have her birthday recorded, and with me, I was dead. They said it happens with common names, except I don't think I have a common name."

The City Clerk explained that computer access to the registration list requires the date of birth — even though people like the Jacobys who registered years ago weren't required to give that information.

This comment said it all for me:

A Fool says: Clearly this is why we need stricter voting restrictions. We cannot have all of these dead people rising from the grave and voting for Obama.

This video from the Onion may not be so far off.

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