Thursday, October 30, 2008

Neocon Gaffney on Obama: His "Weakness Invites Aggression" from our Enemies

The crazy neocon loons never really go away, they just hang in the background until they're called upon to inject their venomous paranoia into to public dialog.

You might remember one of the more vocal war mongers, Frank Gaffney, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, who was a regular guest promoting war on CNN's canceled show "Crossfire" during the run-up to Iraq's invasion.

He has since turned up here and there, warning us how dangerous the world is, and how we must start wars before someone else does. In the video ad below, Gaffney's "non-partisan" views are enlisted by the zanily named nationalistic group "Let Freedom Ring USA," to convey this message:

Gaffney's trascripted message:

Gaffney: When we see candidates taking positions that unmistakedly convey a determination neither to use military power...they are conveying to our enemies-WEAKNESS. Weakness invites aggression."

If that were true, then I guess when George W. Bush took power, his weakness invited 9/11? Bush invited this act of "aggression" right Frank?

Gaffney never really got the concept of the double edged sword.

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