Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just How Dumb Are Undecided Voters? Frank Luntz and John Stossel Should Talk

This Fox News story takes irony to the outer limits. It starts with John Stossel dissing dumb voters again, saying they're doing more harm then good. It then moves onto an "undecideds" focus group, who agree with Stossel, that people who don't know the issues shouldn't be allowed to vote. HUH?

You mean, like the dumb undecided voters that still don't know what the candidates stand for?

Think about it. Not one of these group members thought to go to the candidates web site to read up on their positions and vision for the country. Not one of these people can differentiate between Republicans and Democrats yet? SARAH PALIN FOR VP for Gods sake? By the end of this clip, you might want to get drunk. Thank you Fox News for stories that only dumb voters can understand.

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