Thursday, October 16, 2008

Truth "on" Advertising. My new McCain "Who's Obama" ad Re-Do

I thought I would bring a little truth to advertising, by supperemposing the facts over the idiotic voice over copy, and setting the record straight.

Here's the Washington Post's description of the ad.

The RNC's independent expenditure unit will spend $18 million in the coming weeks to ask battleground state voters a simple question: Do you really want Barack Obama in the Oval Office?

With a camera slowly zooming in on the Oval Office desk and chair, an announcer says: "Meltdown. Foreclosure. Pensions, savings wiped out. And now our nation considers elevating one of the least experienced people ever to run for president. Barack Obama: He hasn't had executive experience. This crisis would be Obama's first crisis. In this chair."

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