Thursday, October 16, 2008

Palin Dumb as a Board on U.S. Economics

I lifted this from for the simple purpose of pointing out the myth perpetuated by Republicans as the party of fiscal responsibility.

First, Democrats have got to start now with an effort to establish Sarah Palin as the incompetent political wanna-be she truly is. She's all ambition, no substance.

More importantly, her grasp of the economic conditions in this country and our profound influence on other global markets is not only none existent, but she seems to have adopted the Alfred E. Newman mantra of "What, Me Worry?" It would be impossible for anyone listening to the following answers to defend the vacuous drivel Palin puts forward, or her dangerous closeness to the presidency now and in four years.

It's really strange, that for all of their talk about knowing what's best for their families and businesses, they would support someone who's grasp of real world finances is so profoundly lacking.

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