Thursday, October 30, 2008

Desperate Dole in N. Carolina Says: Opponent Doesn't Believe in God.

Warning: the video clip here features Brit Hume. Unfortunately, the story I'm featuring here appeared in his "news" broadcast.

The Senate race in N. Carolina is getting ugly, not because of the Democratic candidate Kay Hagan, but because of the incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole. Doles ad ties Hagan to Godless in America, and implies she is an atheist and an enemy of "our Christian nation."

The ad includes a woman's voice shouting "there is no God," giving the impression that it was Hagan's actual audio (I fell for it myself), and not some hired production talent.

Candidate Kay Hagan has asked for a cease and desist order, and rightly so, but Dole refuses the pull the misleading ad voluntarily. After all, if you can't beat somebody on your positions, at least you can paint them as godless.

Republicans are desperately sick people (at least the ones running for office and/or attend McCain/Palin rallies).

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