Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Failed Republican Ideologue Ed Rogers on Hardball: (Obama) He's Never Done One Hard Thing in His Life!

Chris Matthews grilled Fmr. Bush 41 Aide Ed Rogers on John McCain's economic policy, and got some startling answers from another free marketer who also doesn't seem to get it, that their ideology caused this mess. Bob Shrum near the end of the clip gets a shocker.

Here are just a few of my favorite exchanges:

Rogers: ...we nee to cut the corporate income tax..

Matthews: Is it better to borrow more money from China or raise taxes, you have to do one or the other.

Rogers: You can grow your way out of it.

Matthews: (Bush)he cut taxes, he did everything you said a Republican should do and this is where we're at.

Rogers: How Philosophical do you want to get?

Matthews: I'm just saying we're where we are at because of Republican policies. He (McCain) supports the Bush tax cuts..

Rogers: PLUS SOME! Plus some!

This is where Bob Shrum takes Rogers to task for throwing in a good old boy racial stereotype about Obama. I'm with Shrum on this.

Rogers: He's (Obama) never done one hard thing in his life.

Shrum: Somebody from the South shouldn't say that a black person running for president hasn't done a hard thing in their life.

Rogers: Come on, don't you even go there. Obama's never done one hard thing in his life and you know it. (angrily) WHAT?

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