Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fringe Group "Coalition of America's Families" Racist Ad Recruiter video Too?

The Capital Times online brought attention to an insanely racist ad paid for by one of those right wing fringe groups with the ultra patriotic name; The Coalition of America's Families. It's not a joke and I didn't make it up. These grand dragons against Latino's and Blacks ran this ad on two Madison, Wisconsin TV stations.

The Capital Times continues:

Madison's minority communities are incensed by a political ad being aired on two local TV stations that they say is "misleading" and "inflammatory."

The ad, sponsored by the Coalition for America's Families, depicts a young man standing beside a busy street, holding up a homemade sign with "Free Health Care for Illegal Aliens" written on it. "This is really good news for illegal aliens," the actor says. "They don't even have to live here, and health care is free. This is kind of like that idea of giving Wisconsin welfare checks to people from Illinois, only a lot better."

Deborah Speckmann, a member and officer of the NAACP Madison branch,
the reference to welfare checks in the ad "hits black people."

The current controversial ad seems to refer to Healthy Wisconsin, which sought to
guarantee health care to residents. It’s the primary target on the Coalition for
America's Families' Web site.
Clearly the group is dredging up racist resentment toward anything that reminds people of welfare, drawing the conclusion that health care for all is the same as “welfare,” and that Wisconsin will fill up with blacks and illegal aliens if everyone gets coverage.

The Coalition for America’s Families is a racist, bigoted hate group of extremists. Maybe their names should be listed as well…

As for the lies about Healthy Wisconsin, CAF writes:
The plan which passed the Wisconsin State Senate last year would cost more than $15 billion dollars in higher taxes. That means an average of $510 a month more for every Wisconsin worker, at a time when families are already hurting.

The first lie: The $510 a month replaces what workers pay now for health care, it is not added onto what workers are now paying in taxes. The deception continues...

In addition to placing an economic hardship on working families, the Healthy Wisconsin plan would provide free health care for non-residents, people who don’t work and even illegal immigrants. And the plan would provide tax payer funding for abortions.

This is just flat out racist. These groups are extremist fringers.

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