Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama Thanks Powell, Fox News Preemptively Appeals to Racist Voters About Powell

It was not only great to see Barack Obama get the endorsement of Colin Powell, it was also really great to hear that acknowledgment from Obama in front of another huge cheering crowd.

That doesn't mean the right wing isn't going to do everything they can to tear him down, in time for his possible presidency, and keep the drum beat going for the next four years. I loved this preemptive attack on Powell pointed out by

Here’s an actual headline from Fox News…
“Hip-Hop-Dancing Colin Powell Fuels Speculation He’ll Endorse Obama”

And in case the meaning was unclear, the explanatory sub-header…
“Colin Powell showed off his hip-hop moves at an ‘Africa Rising’ celebration in London Tuesday, fueling speculation that the former secretary of state is about to endorse Barack Obama for president.”

…followed by the shuck-and-jive intro paragraph:
“Colin Powell has his dancing shoes on, fueling speculation that he’s gearing up to do the Obama Two-Step.”

Which part makes him an Obama voter? The recognition of his African ancestors? The dancing? The hippity-hop musics? Colin Powell is a former Secretary of State, and an extremely well-respected one at that.

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