Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trump's Voodoo Economic Spell over his desperately faithful orange god worshipers!!!

It's almost like a magical spell cast across America that has put people into a Trumpian trance.

It seemed so unreal when my Trumpian friend in Milwaukee used to accuse Democrats of being in the tank for Obama, which for "the herding cats party" is crazy talk. It's obvious now that it was more wishful thinking on his part.

Trump? We're talking about an east coast big city fat cat rich guy who used power to exploit business contractors and women. Struggling middle-class Americans grabbed onto his ludicrously impossible empty promises based on an often repeated GOP's myth that Obama's economy was a slow-moving failure bordering on financial bankruptcy. Big bad regulations hurt business and increased consumer prices, dragging the economy down even further.

Now, we've got skyrocketing deficits, no change in wage growth, tariffs that are moving jobs overseas and increasing prices, and promises to repeal the ACA leaving 20 to 30 million more Americans without insurance. But that's okay. Trump devotees are still loyal to a fault, willing to give him the benefits of the doubt, willing to pay more, willing to take a chance on their jobs, and will to give him time to work his magic as only a business genius like Trump can.

Again, this unexplainable adoration will not be broken by even family devasting job losses at a nail manufacturing plant in Missouri. It's enough to take your breath away and kill any hope this nightmare will end...ever:

NPR: America's largest nail manufacturer is feeling pretty small these days. Many of the factory machines at Mid Continent Nail have fallen silent, and more than a quarter of its workforce has been laid off. The company fears it may soon be a casualty of President Trump's trade wars.

The Missouri-based company used to get most of its steel from Mexico, so Trump's 25 percent tariff hit it hard. To stay afloat, Mid Continent Nail raised prices and consequently lost a lot of customers. Despite facing an uncertain future brought on by Trump's tariffs, many of the remaining workers at Mid Continent Nail who voted for him in 2016 still support him.

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