Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Dumbest Trump GOP Health Care comments!

I think it's time Democrats start destroying the most ridiculous Trumpian health care talking points making the rounds right now. Come on, these are the easy ones.

From the Tammy Baldwin/Leah Vukmir debate last night:
Vukmir: "The left has glommed on to this as their issue," Vukmir said of pre-existing conditions, adding that she supports that insurance feature.
Response: No, Trump Republicans have glommed onto the issue by adding it to their campaign ads across the country. Reporters, ask them how they'll pay for such a costly benefit. It's easy to say they support it. This was one of the toughest issues when it came to writing the Affordable Care Act and the reason premiums increased the way the did, besides all the threat by Republicans to repeal the law.
Vukmir dubbed "Medicare-for-all" as "Baldwincare," and said, "she wants to turn over the entire shebang to government."
Response: Oops, I guess Vukmir missed the part where even Republicans are calling it TrumpCare now. Second, we're turning the insurance part of health care over to the government, not hospitals or doctors, which will remain private.
"You want everyone to have the same thing," Vukmir said of Baldwin's philosophy on health care.
Response: You can pair that with "states should tailor their own plans." Nothing could sound dumber, and Democrats are letting them get away with it? I have yet to meet a doctor specially trained to treat cancer in Iowa, but not in Wisconsin or Texas. That's because it's laughably ridiculous. We're all human and have the same biology. The only difference is how each person is affected, and that we'll leave up to our hospitals and doctors to decide what to do. 

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