Thursday, October 4, 2018

Buck Stops with Walker, who canceled call for Lincoln Hills Abuse Investigation! Bad Optics?

It's always been difficult to explain Scott Walker's dismissive attitude over the serious abuses committed against young people at Lincoln Hills. It was a place Walker refused to visit because of bad optics and the fact that it was not a corporate big money priority. WPR:

WSAW-TV is reporting Gov. Scott Walker's administration told former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall to cancel his ... November 2015 ... written request for an association to investigate abuse at Wisconsin's youth prison. Wall resigned as prisons secretary in 2016.

The association's former executive director said shortly after receiving the letter Wall told him that Walker's staff had instructed Wall to cancel the review request. Wall says the letter proves Walker knew about problems at the prison long before they admitted them publicly.
Walker's surreal but serious response? He called it false? Amazing:
Walker spokeswoman Amy Hasenberg characterized Wall's assertions as "false attacks."
Who would question Walker's perfect life and political record?

Here's WKOW's Capitol City Sunday's interview with Wall that makes all of this perfectly clear. Remember, Wall was a 32 law enforcement officer, and you've got to respect that, right Republicans?

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