Tuesday, October 23, 2018

7 years later, Scott Walker can't stop talking about, and still blames Gov. Doyle for Republican Great Recession, Job Losses, and State Deficit...Part 2!

Here we go again.

Yes, Scott Walker is once again blaming the Great Recession on the Democrats, and this time he's throwing in higher taxes for the heck of it. From WISC TV:
Walker: "Tony's taxes would be a recipe for a RETURN TO RECESSION. We can't have that mistake. We saw in this county when I was running 8 years ago, unemployment was over 11 percent..."

Walker has been blaming the Democrats for the Republicans Great Recession for years, something I've been documenting right here time and time again, with little or no effect. The news media doesn't think it's important to correct him, so he just keeps repeating the lie. Here's what Walker said last year:

It's surreal watching Walker try to brand the greatest deregulatory-"free market"-economic-global collapse since the Great Depression all on the Democrats.

Politifact set the record straight back in March of 2014 when Walker lied about it, and then blamed the GOP's Great Recession job losses on Gov. Doyle/Mary Burke:
Did Burke, as state Commerce secretary under Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, throw Wisconsin for a six-digit jobs loss?

A September 2013 item from PolitiFact Wisconsin, we rated Mostly False a Walker claim that Doyle’s policies cost the state 133,000 jobs in his second term, from 2007 through 2010. Walker, we noted, got the number right. But experts said the national economic crash had far more to do with Wisconsin’s job losses during that period than any state policies. Indeed, Wisconsin actually fared somewhat better than the rest of the country.
Scott Walker hasn't deviated one bit from the same policies that brought us the Great Recession. Even a shaken Alan Greenspan realized his ideological principles failed miserably. Here's that moment of sanity I'm still clinging to:

For Walker, it's more tax cuts and borrowing, all the while the public lets another service or social benefit slip away. This is what energizes their base. But one Republican and vocal opponent of these policies said it best below. Bruce Bartlett explains how the Clinton tax increase would have wiped out our debt by now:

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