Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Leah Vukmir is a Monster.

"Nurse" Leah Vukmir knows better, so I'm going to assume her latest disgusting ad is simply another cruel scam played on those who probably don't understand our Rube Goldberg health care system.

1. Private Health Insurance Companies are Great, what's not to love? Yes, that's Vukmir's message. Vukmir's latest ad features Theresa, from Madison, who suffers from a rare lung disease.  Theresa says in the ad, "I wouldn't be here without my insurance." Yup, you gotta love the medical care provided by sales agents at private health insurance companies?

2. "Baldwin wants to eliminate private health insurance!" Well, yea, because under a single payer system, the government would become the insurer. (In some countries, insurers manage their systems)

3. "She wants the government to choose when I can see my doctor, and what care I receive." Outrageously false, scary, and a grotesque fabrication. More tragically, it actually describes our old "private health insurance" system before the ACA, the one Vukmir wants to go back to, that had limited networks, exempted coverage, and had a pre-approval process from the insurer.

4.  "Sen. Baldwin is so radical, that it literally takes my breath away." What is radical is experimenting with billions of Americans lives by instituting the worlds only free-market-based health care system. There's a reason every industrialized country in the world found it immoral and unethical to make a profit off of sick or dying people. Vukmir exploited Theresa's totally uninformed position and is satisfied she continues to believe every fear-mongering lie.

Like I said, Vukmir's a Monster.

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