Sunday, October 28, 2018

Kleefisch says it's Dangerous to trust Evers on Gas Tax Promise till after election, but says Trust Us on Preexisting Condition Coverage after the election?

Sometimes, it's hard knowing where to start.

Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch are running on the promise they will pay for and cover preexisting conditions with some kind high-risk pool that would require notoriously high premium costs, deductibles, and lifetime limits. It passed the state Assembly. There is this one big problem though...
To keep things the same, the state would have to spend (state) tax dollars on pre-existing conditions because federal subsidies would be gone.
Now for the kicker: Walker says, trust him...the details and costs will be hammered out after the problem right?

Dangerous if Evers doesn't provide Gas Tax Details: In what I would call a jaw-dropping moment of hypocrisy and a revealing bit of projection, Kleefisch made an unusual demand of Tony Evers on the gas tax; give us a dollar amount. Then Kleefisch successfully slipped in the name 'Nancy Pelosi" while ironically bringing up the ACA health care bill to make my followup point:
Kleefisch: "He says he's not going to be specific until after the inauguration. That's basically like Nancy Pelosi's well you can read it after it's been passed. I think that's really dangerous that we're supposed to elect someone and then we'll find out his policy view later."

Dangerous if Walker doesn't provide Preexisting Condition Details? NOPE. Kleefisch not only doesn't provide the Walker administrations "policy views" on preexisting conditions but when asked by Mike Gousha if insurance companies would have to cover prescription drugs, she doesn't even know what's in the Assembly bill that passed. Again, you can't make this stuff up, and Republican voters don't care:

Kleefisch: "I would have to look at the bill language that is going to be passed...I can't guarantee what the Senate will pass and the Assembly will pass when he calls the extra session is going to be identical..." 
Beautiful. It's time again for Walker to put Kleefisch in hiding till after the election.

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