Thursday, October 25, 2018

Trump, Walker, Viewk-marrrr...and there's no way Republicans will fund coverage for preexisting conditions.

Trump hit the stump in Wisconsin yesterday for Scott Walker, Leah Viewk-Mar (as Trump would say), and messed it up beautifully, really beautifully, you know what I'm talking, it's a great thing. Right? (lets have a talk like Trump day?)

Trump dragged Walker and Viewk-marrrr up to the mic and each one promised to cover preexisting conditions, with Viewk-marrrr saying she would fall in front of a truck before she let people go without coverage.

Well, we all might have to watch her public suicide, especially when things grind to halt after Republicans refuse to pay for such a costly "entitlement." We'll hang their words around their necks, and that's a promise:
Walker: "I want to reinforce it to everyone here in this state and across the country, we will always cover people like my wife with preexisting medical conditions, don't believe the lies...don't believe the lies, we will cover people with preexisting conditions." 

Viewk-marrrr: "The big lie that Scott Walker talked about, Tammy Baldwin is saying that same lie over and over and over again. We support taking care of people with preexisting conditions. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'll fall in front of a truck before I let people go without coverage for preexisting conditions." 
My favorite part, besides talking like a pirate, arrrr, was Trump's imagined "conversation" if Walker lost the election:
Trump: "He'll call up if he doesn't make it. "Hello, is the president there?" "Oh, who's calling?" "Scott Walker." "Didn't he lose? Yea, I'll talk to him in a few months."

Republicans were so opposed to the ACA that they didn't bother to learn one thing about health care and the major issue writing ObamaCare; covering preexisting conditions. Obama settled on the actual insurance model of spreading the risk by pooling everyone together into the largest group possible.

If Republicans require insurance coverage, with no rate increase, insurance companies will go bankrupt. MSNBC's Business Insider Josh Barro summed it up this way about what we'd have to do for mandated coverage; require a whole list of other safeguards to prevent insurer bankruptcy:
Barro: " you have to impose all these other rules, layer them on top of each other, and when you've done it, you've basically rebuilt ObamaCare...if you want the preexisting condition protections, you have to take a lot of the other big government stuff the Republican hate." 

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