Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Tony Evers better brush on his Soothsaying if he wants to be Governor.

Here's one of the dumbest GOP ploys used to attack Democratic election opponents ever:

"If they care so much about ______, why didn't they do something back then?"

Just fill in the blank with whatever issue the Democrats didn't foresee in some distant future, to bring up and solve way back before anyone was aware of the problem. They've been saying this bat-shit crazy stuff for a few years now and each time it makes my head hurt.

More Phony and Sensational Computer Porn Outrage: At the top, I just want to know why TV stations are allowing false and misleading Walker campaign ads to hit their airwaves. This is what Walker calls clean positive messaging?

Since my son had this teacher for one of his classes at the time, I watch this case closely, and in the end, nobody but adults saw the computer porn and the district couldn't do anything. Plus, my kid liked the teacher.

 Here's the JS story with even more:
While it’s true Middleton teacher Andrew Harris looked at pornographic material at school, and showed an obscene image to a female colleague, a Department of Public Instruction investigation could not substantiate allegations from the female colleague that Harris made the comments about the students … She complained after her relationship with Harris and other teachers began to fray … But that teacher refused to swear to the allegations under oath, and the DPI did not have the power to subpoena her for testimony.

But, "If (Evers) cared so much about (porn in school), why didn't he do (more) back then?"Armed with absolutely no proof and with every intention to smear the un-smearable advocate of our children's education, Tony Evers, a couple of Republicans crawled out from under their rocks to leave a stinking trail of slime. I highlighted the BS:
Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) held their conference call Wednesday to criticize Evers for not revoking the teaching license of a Middleton teacher who looked at pornographic material at work in 2009. Fitzgerald and Steineke contended Evers didn't do enough to advocate for the bill's passage. 

Fitzgerald contended that's because Evers was doing the bidding of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state's largest teachers union that has helped Evers win his superintendent elections. "The union wouldn’t let him touch it," Fitzgerald said. "Tony was told to back down and that’s exactly what he did."

Fitzgerald didn't cite evidence of Evers taking cues from the union.

Steineke said if Evers felt strongly about the bill he would have done more to pass it, such as by testifying on it and getting Democratic lawmakers to sign onto it. Rep. Sondy Pope (D) said Fitzgerald and Steineke's complaints were "absurd" because they didn't testify on the bill, while Evers' staff did. 
Again, why are local TV stations running complete bullshit? To misinform their viewers for the almighty ad dollars? Somethings wrong here, and I can't figure out why this isn't an even bigger story.

Oh, and why didn't Fitzgerald and Steinke defend Harley Davidson against Trump's boycott, and demanding Walker do more to fight back?

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