Monday, September 3, 2018

Coal Pollution making White Guys Dumber!!!? True.

In the rabid age of Trump, this is all starting to make sense...
National GeographicBreathing in dirty air damages our lungs, but new research is showing it might change how we think, too. A study published earlier this week in the Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences found that long-term exposure to particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide led to cognitive declines in study participants as they age. Less-educated men were particularly impacted and had low verbal and math test scores.
Oh, but that's not all knuckheaded white Trump fans:
Previous studies have found that female brains on average have more white matter than male brains, meaning damage to white matter would put males, with lesser white matter, more at risk of experiencing cognitive declines ... associated with language ability.”  Studies have also linked air pollution with poor heart health and diabetes.
Coal Country Kamikaze Trump Supporters Rejoice? Let's build on the idea of cognitive decline, and the response by coal country Trump supporters like Steve Knotts:
“People here have had it with other people telling us what we need. We know what we need. We need a job,” miner Steve Knotts, 62, said at lunch hour at a Circle K in a tiny town between two coal mines, and 9 miles down the road from a coal power plant, the Grant Town plant. He says the last thing people in coal country want is the government slapping down more controls on coal — and the air here in the remote West Virginia mountains seems fine to him.
Yes, but they do care about telling everybody else what they need, like lung disease, damaged white matter of the brain, diabetes, and asthma.
EPA analysis says those pollutants would increase (and) 350 to 1,500 more people would die each year under Trump’s plan. But it’s northern two-thirds of West Virginia and the neighboring part of Pennsylvania that would be hit hardest, by far, according to Trump’s EPA … kill an extra 1.4 to 2.4 people a year for every 100,000 people in those hardest-hit areas, equal to at least a couple dozen additional deaths a year.
Another Trump voter chimes in:
About 160 miles to the south of Grant Town, shop owner Doris Keller figures that if Trump thinks something’s for the best, that’s good enough for her.

“I just know this. I like Donald Trump and I think that he’s doing the right thing,” said Keller. She lives five miles from the 2,900-megawatt John Amos coal-fired power plant. “I think he has the best interests of the regular common people at the forefront.”
It's better that people are killed than business, says "do the right thing" Trump:
“I’m getting rid of some of these ridiculous rules and regulations, which are killing our companies … and our jobs,” Trump said at the rally.

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