Monday, September 10, 2018

Odd, Schimel finally gets Rape Kits Tested 2 Months before Election. Job Saved?

It's amazing how much Scott Walker and AG Brad Schimel can accomplish around election time. Still, inaction for years is no excuse...or maybe it is?

Brad Schimel obviously didn't care too much about those rape kits until his reelection rolled around, but you won't believe what he's saying to explain away his incompetence: 
Johnny Koremenos, spokesman for Schimel, said Schimel is "the only reason Wisconsin’s decades-old accumulation of sexual assault kits have been tested," and that none of Schimel's predecessors "got the job done."
It was past AG's fault Schimel took so long? Anyone buy that?  Surreal.

Our bumbling AG needs to be shown the door, literally, please, someone show him where it is:
Josh Kaul, Schimel's Democratic challenger, said Monday: "It's unacceptable that it's taken this long for testing to be completed on the kits in the backlog — and that there are still over 1,200 kits on which testing results have not been confirmed."

While evidence related to about 4,100 cases have been tested, results for testing of 1,267 cases are still pending. "Brad Schimel's incompetence has meant that justice has been delayed for survivors and that dangerous criminals have remained on the streets longer than they should have," Kaul said.
Anyone want to talk about Scott Walker's transportation problem? I another post:

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