Tuesday, September 4, 2018

High flying Gov. Walker says we should take Uber or Lyft! Maybe a private plane?

So many of us have assumed that as our state roads crumble and get worse, Scott Walker would have to do something...well, we were really really wrong. And now we know why Walker has shown little concern for transportation funding:

"There are some groups out there that want to spend billions and billions and billions of dollars on more, bigger, wider interchanges across the state. I actually think we should be fixing and maintaining our infrastructure. I don’t know that we need bigger and better and broader right now when we have a changing transportation system."
Our career politician and governor loves flying the friendly skies now for trips to simple campaign ads and haircuts. But now after his two taxpayer raised sons entered the freeloading lifestyle of politics, he's convinced taking a plane or hailing an Uber or Lyft is normal. This, from a guy who does not believe in mass transit, commuter rail, or high-speed trains.

Tony Evers has to be smiling after Walker's completely insane public meltdown on transportation. Think I'm kidding?
Walker noted drivers are increasingly using hybrid and electric vehicles and questioned whether relying on the gas tax will remain a good way to fund roads in the future. "We can do it without a massive gas tax increase," Walker said of funding roads. 

We all must be like his overweight, silver spoon fed, right-wing kids, with pockets full of lobbyist  change for cab fare:
He also raised questions about how much people will drive in the future, saying his two sons in their 20s use ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft more than they drive.

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