Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Turning Point USA Sucks...You PC Bro?

Right wing losers, the kind who text pictures instead of their thoughts, are jumping on board Turning Point USA's simpleton messages; "Socialism Sucks," "You PC Bro," and "Big Gov Sucks." It's a group that skirts the line between parody and mind-numbingly disproved right-wing cliches.

It's pretty obvious Turning Point USA doesn't really have anything to contribute to the dialog or goals of educators at our state college campuses, yet they've just become "an official student organization on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus. Thanks to loud organized whining.

Before I get to why something this idiotic happened, take a look at one of their big issues, socialism. They've taken the many different historical versions of socialism and conveniently condensed them into one slogan:

Fascinating? And this adds to the "marketplace of ideas?"
The UW-Stevens Point College Republicans issued a statement "The student government of UW-Stevens Point should be held accountable for their blatant disregard for freedom of speech and the free marketplace of ideas on campus."
Let's have a Civil Discussion in the "free marketplace of ideas?" Nothing says civil like "crush socialism" and "100 million dead." These are the thoughtful words of founder Charlie Kirk:

According to "Knowyourmeme," Kirk is responsible for trying to ban and intimidate anyone who
disagrees with his "Socialism Sucks" movement:
Turning Point USA is a non-profit political outreach and activist organization focused on conservative and right-wing causes. The company and its founder, Charlie Kirk, have been at the center of numerous controversies, including The Professor Watchlist.
Liberal professors are on notice regarding their own free speech rights...
“The mission of Professor Watchlist is to expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”
Because right wing ideas, cliches and slogans could never be propaganda. Here's Kirk taking on those infuriating "safe spaces" on campus, an idea someone shouldn't have been free to create:

But that's not all, Charlie Kirk's contribution to higher education also includes the following list of topics he would outright change for everyone:

Free Speech, Nope: In Nebraska, Turning Point USA got "free speaking" university staff fired. It really has everything to do with right-wing political correctness.

Turning Point USA's campus presence is a bit ironic, since they promote anti-education rants like this from PragerU...

What is PragerU? I'm not sure but they teach "values" "with the intellectual ammunition" you'll need to "crush" socialists...
PragerU, founded by Dennis Prager in 2011, is a not-for-profit organization that helps millions understand the values that shaped America and provides millions of Americans and people around the world with the intellectual ammunition they need to advocate for limited government, individual responsibility and economic freedom.
Anyone remember seeing limited government/economic freedom loving Turning Point USA protest the Scott Walker Foxconn deal? Me neither.

What really got me going was this poster supposedly pushing free markets and capitalism. Turning Point USA must not understand how health care insurance works; you pay a premium, it gets added to everyone else's payment, gets paid out to the sick and in the form of wages and company profits. Yes, bring them on campus...?

Here's Charlie Kirk droning on with his simplistic stale talking points, followed by a YouTube comment that "dismantles" Kirk's premise:

Social Capital3 months ago (edited): Two can play this game: Do you trust big business? Then why do you want to make it bigger? If you don't like monopolies and don't trust cronies, then why would you want to give more money and power to those same companies that stifle competition and small business growth? "But what about corporate welfare"? 9/10 conservative politicians are more interested in cutting welfare programs for the poor than they are for the rich. In English: This "small government" rap is a ruse. Conservative politicians have been some of the biggest advocates for big government and big business in our nation's history.


  1. The conservatives and to a lesser-extent GOP has traditionally been against "socialism." Why did President Eisenhower not get along with Joseph McCarthy? Was Eisenhower some sort of commie, especially when he warned America about a looming military-industrial complex.

    Most of our tax money today is spent on the military, and it's not about "human rights," it's about our politicians wanting to get control of natural resources and industries that serve militarism. Smedley Butler could not have been more honest.

    Meanwhile, we can call public schools, roads, pools, libraries, museums...and Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and protection of our environment into a "socialist" plot.

    Hayek, Friedman, and the Kochs will destroy our country, and will rob citizens for their chance to live the Dream in the process.

  2. Stupid freeloading baby boomer libtards.

    Socialism is theft. Pure and simple.


    Most of "our tax money today" is spent on big entitlement programs which are mandatory under current law like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (10% of GDP) while the defense budget is only about 3% of GDP. If you got off your lazy butts and looked this up you would know. And "wanting to get control of natural resources" isn't why US armed forces are in Japan or Taiwan or South Korea.

    You idiots won't be happy until you see all of western civilization live in poverty just so your feelings don't get hurt anymore. Now why don't you do something productive like get off your ass, put down that pizza, and do something like get a real job or produce more than you consume so you can pay your fair share of the spending you wanted over the past 50 years. Let the adults in the room fix the mess you've created. You had your chance to live the dream. At some point you have to wake up and deal with reality.

  3. Again off topic.

    Get a job? First, I had about 6 different occupations, 3 major ones before I retired. Second, I am currently working for the Federal government parttime, blue money for my kid's technology addiction.

    The problem with arrogant fools like you is you assume so much and make so many mistakes. This is our government and our safety nets. We're not here to support businesses and make them comfortable. We all support business as consumers, not by getting or expecting their trickle down handouts.

  4. Working for the Federal government is an unproductive service job. I said produce something. Not consume more.

    The problem with libtards is that government has brainwashed them into assuming they are entitled to unsustainable and unaffordable entitlement programs. The rest of us who produce are not here to support your ignorance indefinitely.

  5. I produce, and want money for a civil society that makes life better for all Americans. Cut taxes and general revenue and you can't afford anything, it's like shooting yourself in the foot on purpose.

    Your so smart, what a way to live.

  6. Oh yeah? What did you produce? The unfunded Medicare liability? The unfunded social security liability? The gross national debt? The derivatives time bomb?

    The worst part about baby boomers is not only did they throw out all of the rules while imposing them on the rest of us, shower themselves with goodies throughout their lives, live way beyond their means, remain ignorant of finance and economics, saddling the younger generations with debt, and become the most self absorbed and self indulgent generation of all time... but they are STILL DOING IT!

    There is NO MONEY! You can't even bother to learn the difference between MONEY and DEBT. It's just ME, ME, ME, I want, I want, gimme gimme gimme with boomers all the time!

    You can't afford anything now. But you still think everything can just go on forever.

    It's better to live with your mind intact than go insane like a loony boomer libtard.

  7. Such an idiot. Can't afford anything...so cut taxes= revenues. Can't afford to keep people healthy and housed? Saddling the next generation is your goal, by not paying for anything now, sticking them with infrastructure and an unaffordable health Care system, starved public parks, and politicized judicial system. You would let people die, because we just can't afford to help them. Have a wonderful Life.

  8. Raising taxes does not automatically equal higher revenues. People change their behavior when they are being taxed more. They also change their behavior when they think they are going to be taxed more.

    Cutting taxes = helps grow the economy faster than the DEBT! But you're still in complete denial about just how far baby boomers have screwed over their own children. But numbers are lost on you.

    Taxation is theft. And because of idiots like you, I pay tens of thousands of Dollars every year for your lazy ass. Social Security and Medicare? That's another tax I get to pay every year and will never receive one dollar from. How many people am I responsible for taking care of? You're the one not paying anything obviously.

    You're going to have a lot more things to worry about than public parks if you don't buy a clue. I do what I can to inform the next generation so that they don't have to rely on their boomer parents.

    Just look up any "baby boomer worst generation" video on youtube and listen if you can. There are a lot of them I assure you. Throwing money at a problem doesn't make the problem go away. It just makes the problem bigger and more unsustainable. I don't hate anybody. But the rest of us would be much better off if the baby boomer generation did just die off. The most narcissistic, self absorbed, self indulgent, greedy, hypocritical entitled generation of all time.