Friday, November 17, 2017

Republicans embrace Tax Cuts for Billionaire donations, Pedophiles over Democrats, it's that simple!!!

The ugly hideous vision Republicans apparently have of the US goes something like this; America is a shell country for funneling money to business and Republican politicians campaigns.

Don't forget, billionaire political donors gave the Republicans an ultimatum: Cut their taxes or lose campaign funding. Pretty powerful stuff.

Supply Side-Trickle-Down-Voodoo Economics: So will corporate tax cuts get corporate CEO's behind expanding their businesses with capital investments...well this not so shocking reaction isn't just funny, it's karma:

Sen. Orin Hatch says he's fed up with Democrats saying he's giving tax cuts to the rich...he said Democrats are overplaying that all the time, and it's getting old. Remember, Republicans pulled this same stunt, and it worked, when they said being called racist was getting old.

Plus, Republicans claim Democrats won't let these expiring middle-class tax cuts expire...but if that were true, then the whole $1.7 trillion would be added to the deficit. NOTE: Washington Post Columnist Catherine Rampell explains the devastating effects the grad student deduction repeal would have on the cost of higher education and innovation:

Repealing the ACA Mandate Hits Lower and Middle-Class: It's still hard to understand how they ever came up with this one. Not to mention cuts to Medicare:

Watch this GOP takedown by Joy Reid on MSNBC. no one could say it any better (I will be using this clip often):

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