Saturday, November 11, 2017

Republicans cut to Student Tax Break means, "the end of research in the United States."

Republicans are either lying or truly convinced that supply-side economics works etc. But economists continue to point to real-life examples of trickle down not working, even making things a whole lot worse in the future.

Paul Ryan again misdirects Americans by insinuating simplification of the tax code will spur on economic growth. But repealing tax breaks that will destroy groundbreaking research at our universities...the same research that made the U.S. the innovative power we are today...bad idea, again. Audio below:
"Marketplace," hosted by Kai Ryssdal, featured on a 11/09/2017 show the quote "That's the end of research in the United States," said by policy analyst Barmak Nassirian  when he saw the tax bill. 

He was thinking of the graduate students who work as research assistants and take advantage of certain tax breaks to offset the cost of their education, which is one of the deductions Republicans working on the bill are looking to slash.

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