Friday, November 3, 2017

It's Official...again: Republican Terrorists running not just Wisconsin, but Country!!! Oh, and Kasich betrays Party in opposing Gerrymandering.

Who can forget this morsel of truth spewed by Wisconsin's cranky imp, Robin Vos: 

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has apologized for using the term “terrorists” to describe three Republican senators ... In a WISN-TV interview on Upfront with Mike Gousha, Vos blasted Chris Kapenga,Steve Nass, and Duey Stroebel, for making what Vos called a “backroom deal.”
Vos: "Frankly I wish Gov. Walker had not negotiated with terrorists, I think that's a bad way to operate the legislature..."

Mike Gousha: "Terrorists, you called them rogue Senators and terrorist..."

Vos: "That's what they are."
Boehner calls House Republican Terrorist: What didn't get a lot of press, was a similar comparison made by former House Speaker John Boehner:
Boehner was ruthlessly frank with his Tim Alberta interviewer, in offering assessments of himself and his former colleagues...:
“(Rep. Jim) Jordan was a terrorist as a legislator going back to his days in the Ohio House and Senate. A terrorist. A legislative terrorist.”
Vos Swears at John Kasich for his Opposition to a Gerrymandered Wisconsin, and "betraying his Party:" This is just more fun stuff that I wish had made it into the Supreme Court arguments over Wisconsin's partisan gerrymandered districts, because this is Vos' open admission that yes, it was a political power grab, not actual constituent representation. WHA:

Kasich was preparing to deliver a speech to statehouse speakers from across the country when Vos "amicably approached the governor and then swore at him for adding his name to a Supreme Court brief opposing Republican gerrymandering in Wisconsin."

"Vos accused Kasich of betraying his party," the magazine reported.Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos confirmed Thursday he confronted Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich over Kasich's support for a lawsuit that could overturn Wisconsin's Republican-drawn legislative map.
It's a profile of Kasich by New York Magazine, that reflects badly, again, on how radical right-wing politics has gotten in Wisconsin.

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