Sunday, November 12, 2017

Debate Over: Republicans choose Corporations over People! Period!

It's kinda ironic that those resentful "forgotten" voters everywhere are unfailingly behind Trump and Trump wannabe/impersonator Scott Walker. The Republican tax reform bill pushed by Paul Ryan just gave us our epiphanic moment. But will low information trolls be moved by their own instinctive twinges of self-preservation to change their minds?

Washington Democrat Suzan Delbene offered up a simple but striking comparison between the two parties. Can the Democratic message be this clear, and be repeated, in 2018?

Check out Jakes Economic TA Funhouse for analysis. Here's a taste:
As the House GOP tax bill was being debated in Committee this week, we were treated to this masterpiece of researching and framing questions by US Rep. Suzanne DelBene (D-Wash). In this clip Rep. DelBene is asking the Chief of the Joint Committee on Taxation (the independent organization in Congress that gives information about tax bills) about what types of expense deductions go away for individual workers like teachers and fire fighters who buy their own supplies, and contrasts it with the fact that corporations would still be able to write off the exact same expenses.
Tax Cuts = Jobs? Despite the body of evidence proving tax cuts don't create jobs, Republicans are sticking with their old mind-numbing talking point, because it's their biggest argument for trickle-down economics. NPR's Marketplace rips that to shreds:

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