Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump Budget Doubles Down on the Politics of Resentment: "Taxpayer First, " "Compassion for Taxpayer" money going to the poor.

Like our sluggish job growth under Scott Walker, you can thank supply side economic magic for that, tax cuts at the top haven't done squat for job creation. But boy, CEO's love us here.

Trump budget master, "Freedom Caucus" tea party ghoul Mick Mulvaney, titled their brutal attack on their voters,  "A new foundation for American jobs." Funny thing about that, corporate profits have never been higher, yet they've done nothing to invest in job creation. 

Trump's "Politics of Resentment:" Will GOP Base Finally catch on they're being played? 
Budget Sec. Mick Mulvaney calls it the "taxpayer-first" budget. 

Mulvaney says they're now thinking more about the people who are paying the taxes — and trying to justify asking hardworking people to cough up money — rather than focusing on the people who are receiving the benefits.
Trump Redefines "Compassion," a word attacked, joked about, and vilified by Republicans:
The Trump administration wants to redefine what "compassion" means. 

Mulvaney says it should no longer be measured based on how many programs are in effect or how many people are receiving the benefit. He wants "compassion" to be broadened to include whether the government is ripping off taxpayers by using their money for ineffective programs.
Looking again at the wage vs corporate profits above, is it any wonder why more people are being caught in our safety nets? Why spend money rebuilding America or freeing them from their employers health care plans with an "all payer" health care system, when you an just boot them off these programs? 


  1. "...corporate profits have never been higher, yet they've done nothing to invest in job creation."

    Why should they? The US has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.

    1. You're funny.

      Oh wait, you actually beLIEve that well-debunked talking point? SUCKER!

      Jake formerly of the LP

  2. Well-debunked? Where?

    You can't force people. But you go ahead and just keep trying. That should work out for you. Try it with somebody bigger than you and see what happens.

    Stupid libtards. I often wonder if you will ever learn your lessons or just dissolve into oblivion.