Friday, May 19, 2017

Republicans Rep. John Nygren: "Taxpayers don't need to ... contribute to buying down" Tech School Tuition.

The nice thing about public education is that everyone will end up contributing their tax dollars to educate the next generation, paying it forward. That's what makes public education so affordable, it has a large pot of money, from everyone.

Spreading the cost so everyone can afford things like education, state parks and health care is a lesson lost on Republicans. Like their idea of education savings accounts, so families can take their money and spend it anywhere they want. It won't be long before childless taxpayers will be off the hook.

And so it is with Scott Walker's always popular technical schools program. But...
Republicans on the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget committee have rejected Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to freeze tuition at Wisconsin’s technical colleges.
Not even Walker is as brutal as Rep. John Nygren, who thinks it's a valuable lesson in life to be up to your eyes in student loans debt. WPR's Shawn Johnson:

"We believe it’s affordable," Nygren said. "We believe that other taxpayers don’t necessarily need to be continuing to contribute to buy down that cost artificially."
Nygren got his, now it's time to end this generational assistance program that artificially pampers kids tasked with making our future brighter.

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