Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Public Confidence in Wisconsin's Elections takes a Big Hit!!! Walker Cuts Commission Oversight.

A real head scratcher: Walker and his band of plundering Republican pirates are doing away with state voter recounts, paid for by candidates that want one, when elections aren't close enough. Never mind that it's a free test of our electoral system, which should restore public confidence. Seems like a win win for all of us. 

So now it looks like the Republican mantra to “restore public confidence and integrity in our elections” is just so much bullshit, again.
staffing levels at the Wisconsin Elections Commission (may be cut) by 19 percent due to a loss of federal funds…

…the Elections Commission says the jobs are needed to ensure elections run smoothly in the state.
Republican tax cut zealotry has once again backed the state into a corner, with no ability to adjust to changing times. It's not like the state is debt free either.  

So are we restoring confidence in our elections or finally confirming GOP voter suppression? Kind of obvious isn’t it:
Gov. Scott Walker's recommendation to cut six positions at the agency that oversees elections in the state … The commission and local election clerks are urging the Legislature not to go along with Walker's proposed cut. The governor argues the commission can handle its workload without the positions.

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