Thursday, May 18, 2017

SNL and Colbert Unfair to Dangerous Missteps, Lies and Twitter storms by Trump!

Want something light but still stuns the senses? Tucker Carlson is your go to guy. He struck right wing gold with two Fox News women that just hate liberals. They really hate comedic liberals who make money at the expense of poor millionaire Donald Trump.

Have liberals sunk so low as to get big ratings "getting partisan and being angry" at Trump?
Kristin Tate: "The ratings are up on these anti-Trump shows because liberal snowflakes who still won't accept that Trump is our president by the way, need TV safe spaces where they can hear their own opinions reflected back at them over and over again. Stephen Colbert in particular, he really panders to the lowest common denominator of Trump hate. I mean his show isn't even funny. He literally just sits there and slanders Trump...his audience is 100 percent left wing."
Talk about projection; wanting hear their opinions reflected back at them? Ah, you are on Fox News?

What Republicans don't get is that their gaffes, missteps, lying and lunacy just keep feeding the news cycle with nonstop well deserved criticism:

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