Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Scott Walker Republicans infect UW with right-wing think tank, to "offset some the liberal thinking."

It's only fair play. What do you think of the Robert La Follette Center for Social Change? Or how about the Seidel/Berger Center of Social Society? Hey, these centers will have no agenda, promise. 

I think we're going to need some balance now on our UW campus, right? ABC News:
Gov. Scott Walker and fellow Wisconsin Republicans on Tuesday announced the formation of a new public policy center, the Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership,  at the state's flagship university, which liberals said would be nothing more than a taxpayer-funded conservative think tank.
Think we would have gotten this center had Republican not been in complete control and weren't always threatening to defund the UW? 

Conservative Think Tank is an Understatement: Lucky for Republican politicians, many of their voters are just a little slow. Take this wildly open admission that the Thompson Center is really a right wing think tank. See if you can spot the Rep. Robin Vos “slip.”  Also, did you know there was something known as "maximum" free speech? Is that kind of like when millionaires and billionaires fund our elections?
Vos said the new center will have no agenda and will be dedicated to "maximum free speech."
"Far too often, we feel like there's only one legitimate viewpoint on campus. This is just going to ensure we have diversity of thought. ... It's not a conservative think tank. Hopefully it will be able to offset some of the liberal thinking."
See, no agenda. Oh, just in case you you weren't sure what Vos' meant:
Vos and other backers promised that it will serve as a bridge between the academic and political worlds and bring in speakers to campuses across the state … (comes at the same time) Speaker Robin Vos is pushing a bill that would punish students who disrupt free speech on college campuses.

He later said the center would not be partisan but would counter what he said were "left-of-center leaning" research organizations on the Madison campus.

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