Friday, May 12, 2017

Trump's Voter Fraud Commission makes Myth a Reality, and Suppression National Policy!!!

Under presidential strongman Trump, and his outright move to an authoritarian state, it's always a bad sign to see a national policy to suppress voters in our elections. 

Trump's Voter Fraud Commission:
The Vice Chair of Donald Trump’s new “election integrity” commission has been successfully sued four times for voter suppression, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Mr Trump signed an executive order establishing the commission to review alleged voter fraud and voter suppression in the American election system. 

Kris Kobach led restrictive voting initiatives that targeted minorities and perpetuated voter suppression. Vice President Mike Pence and Mr Kobach will serve as Chair and Vice Chair of the commission that will "review policies and practices that enhance or undermine the American people's confidence in the integrity of federal elections and provide the president with a report that identifies system vulnerabilities that lead to improper registrations and voting."
After the 2016 election, Trump claimed widespread voter fraud explained why Hillary Clinton emerged with nearly 3 million more popular votes. However, the ACLU filed a freedom of information request to challenge the basis for the White House’s voter fraud claims.

ACLU’s Voting Rights Project director said: “President Trump is attempting to spread his own fake news about election integrity. Such claims have been widely debunked, but he is still trying to push his false reality on the American public. It is telling that the president’s choice to co-lead the commission is none other than Kris Kobach, one of the worst offenders of voter suppression in the nation today. If the Trump administration really cares about election integrity, it will divulge its supposed evidence before embarking on this commission boondoggle.”
Besides Ari Berman's constant stream of voter suppression stories at The Nation, here are a few other almost laughable examples...

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