Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Scott Walker takes Credit for Common Core ACT test results.

Thank you Scott Walker...or should we be grateful State Superintendent Tony Evers stuck with Common Core, defended the teaching profession, and fought for public education?

Scott Walker's Top 10 Reelection Campaign: This was Walker's tweet today, with no link or no proof this is current (PolitiFact anyone?):

Scott Walker can take credit for this due to major cuts to education, teacher vilification and high teacher turnover...:

While school teachers tough it out under Walker, the toll after defunding toll started to surface: 2015 Avg Score: 22.2 / 2016 Avg Score: 20.5
Wisconsin’s average 20.5 score is below the national average of 20.8. The state score is down 1.7 points from last year when 73 percent of seniors took the exam (now all students participate). The state’s 2016 score is fourth highest among the 18 states where all graduates were tested and 11th highest among states where more than half of students took it. Among all states, Wisconsin ranked 29th.
Hey, I wonder if Walker's reelection campaign will include this bragging point...

The ACT exam that Wisconsin uses to assess high school students for accountability purposes is not fully compliant with federal law, the U.S. Department of Education has told the state.

Based on a peer review of Wisconsin's assessment system, the ACT only partially meets the federal government's requirements for reading, language arts and mathematics assessments, and the state will have to provide "substantial additional information" to become compliant, according to a letter from the DOE to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction this month.

If Wisconsin doesn't address the matter, the DOE could place a condition on the state's federal grant dollars, the letter says. The news comes as Wisconsin has recently shifted to using the ACT High School Assessments.

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