Friday, May 12, 2017

No more Town Halls for Ryan!!! Afraid and hiding from angry crowds, or protecting constituents from "a harassing environment?" Took High School students Questions in Advance?

Elected politicians are supposed to answer to their constituents. Not anymore out of fear and constituent anger over their agenda.

Scott Walker said he wanted to divide the public and destroy the unions, and did just that despite the outcry and anger of millions of Wisconsin protesters. Instead of moderating or acknowledging their existence, Walker said Wisconsinites were trying to intimidate him...seriously, who thinks like that?

So Walker no longer answers to the state voters because he's afraid to appear in public. He now appears only at closed corporate events.

Add House speaker and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to the list of frightened unreachable's. Ryan's excuse? He's protecting his constituents of course. Make no mistake, he's personally not afraid to defend his indefensible health care plan in an unpredictable town hall environment, like Scott Walker:
"It's not that I'm not doing town halls. I'm getting around to see constituents all the time. I'm doing office hours, I'm doing telephone town halls, I'm doing business interviews. I'm doing it in a way so constituents don't go into a harassing environment." -Ryan

Ryan attacked those out-of-state protesters, not the in state protesters. Reminder, Ryan's agenda affects all Americans, so in this case, out-of-state citizens showing up makes a lot of sense:
Ryan: "I'm doing it in a way so that constituents don't go into a harassing environment. So I want to make sure my constituents don't be agitated and walking into a harassing environment. I want to be able to interact with my constituents in a way that THEY feel comfortable as well." 
Meeting with constituents is a test of whether a politician doing their job or not. And if the pubic is angry, disruptive and asking pointed questions that can't be logically answered, well, that tells that elected official he or she is out of touch.

Oh, and it appears Ryan can't take heat from even high schoolers?
At Badger High School, Ryan, responding to questions that a school official said were submitted in advance...

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