Friday, May 19, 2017

Skip the Facts, Scott Walker pushes CEO opinions that rank state in Top 10 for Business.

With a clear conscience, Scott Walker can't stop bragging about that nonsensical Chief Executive Magazine CEO opinion poll of best states for business.

Wisconsin comes in at number 10, based on the whimsical impressions of CEO's, based on nothing, no facts, statistics, research...just knowledge of those hyperbolic pronouncements in the media by Scott Walker. Yea, four more years of that.
Wisconsin in top 10 of Chief Executive magazine’s best states for business; Ranking based on CEO survey.
Job creation lags of course, and Walker's 250,000 jobs promise in 2010 still hasn't panned out. But big business giveaways that allow them to pay nothing in to support our state...sweet:
Walker and the Republican-controlled state legislature instituted $2 billion in tax relief, including tax credits that virtually eliminated the tax burden on manufacturers and agricultural producers. 

Yet in the wake of the policy changes, Wisconsin still didn’t generate new jobs as quickly as Walker had hoped. Job creation got off to a sluggish start, and even today the state remains nearly 65,000 new jobs short of the 250,000 that Walker promised to create by 2015.
Chief Executive Magazine isn't shy about it's biased political leanings:
16 of the top 20 of Chief Executive Magazine’s Best States for Business are led by a Republican governors, including 9 of the top 10.  Republican governors are cutting taxes, reining in wasteful spending, slashing red tape, reinventing state government, and putting policies in place that encourage innovation and economic growth. As this survey proves, Republican governors get results. States with Republican governors once again dominate the 2017 rankings. 
But these CEO "raves" fall flat:
C.E.O. Rated Wisconsin with the following marks:
5.77 out of 10 in Taxation and Regulation
7.10 out of 10 in Workforce Quality
7.33 out of 10 in Living Environment
Right to Work? YES
Right to work was mentioned as one of the most important factors. If you believe Republicans, CEO's are dying to raise worker pay based on "right-to-work."

But here's what a few C.E.O.'s said during the judging:
"Wisconsin is improving due to state leadership, still has a way to go. Workforce is limited due to aging population not replaced well by births and tendency for college kids to leave after college…but many return."

"Walker, controversies, cronies, and policies are killing opportunities in the state."

"Both Ohio and Wisconsin are becoming more business-friendly and are willing to help businesses get established while supporting critical worker training."

"Wisconsin still has high taxes but under Gov. Walker it is getting much better."
Let's Cut through the Crap: Chief Executive Magazine ripped California, and rated it at the bottom of best states for business. Really? Chief Executive isn't the only one deceptively pushing pure right wing politics as "good business."

LA Times, Michael Hiltzik:  In his “Rich States, Poor States” ranking for the conservative, pro-business American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, conservative economist Arthur Laffer places California at a dismal 46th in economic outlook for 2016. How can these figures be reconciled?

The most obvious answer is that the business-friendliness and competitiveness rankings are pretty much baloney. They don’t actually examine what makes a state successful; instead, they merely judge its adherence to right-wing economic orthodoxy.

It shouldn’t take much thought to recognize that most of these variables, taken singly or even together, don’t have much to do with whether a state is friendly to business or with its economic outlook. Rather, they’re just conservative shibboleths: low taxes, hostility to labor, etc., etc.

California is marked down in such categories as “business friendliness,” a measure of litigation and regulation, in which it ranks 50th; the “cost of doing business” (taxes, wages, and the generosity of government incentives), on which it ranks 49th; and the cost of living.

Interestingly, the state with the second-best ranking on Laffer’s curve is North Carolina, which may be guilty of the worst self-inflicted wound in the country. That’s its enactment of legislation that discriminates against LGBT individuals. The measure could cost the state $5 billion in federal funds and business investment.

“That’s a metaphor for a different look at what business-friendly means,” Stephen Levy, head of the Palo Alto-based Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy comments. “Could it be that being a welcoming community is a big positive for business?”


  1. lol. Typical libtard who lives in his bubble.

    Come out to California and tell me how easy it is to start a business and turn a profit with all the taxes and regulations.

  2. job and gdp growth. lol.

    When Wisconsin gets 12% of the population maybe you guys can lead the country in waiter and bartender jobs and consumer and government spending.

  3. Yes, CEO in other state were asked, so? CEO's in this state have loved Walker's policies and what did they deliver? Outsourced jobs and relocation's. You're as big a sucker for the sweet talk as Walker. Drone!!!

  4. California's success. lol. Yes Silicon Valley has 10 companies now that account for the upward price in the S&P500. Not to mention the Swiss National Bank and Japanese Central Bank propping it all up by buying US stocks. And GDP is not growth. Look it up.

    California is a big state. When was the last time you walked through any of it besides just the advertised parts on TV?

    Come on out. I'll show you all the success on Skid Row, in the valleys, South L.A. Then we can go to Venice Beach and see what a dump that place is now. Bring lots of cash so you have something to give the beggars.

    You'll love the increased fuel tax, vehicle registration tax, Maxine Waters house, the businesses leaving left and right, the thousands of "for lease" signs, the crumbling roads, oh and then Jerry Brown and the rest of the libtards telling you what a "freeloader" you are for not wanting to fork over more than half of your income.

    Take my word for it. I have lots of friends and family in MN and WI.

    You have a day at the beach in Wisconsin compared to here.

  5. Thanks for the "Debbie Downer" anacdotal story time. The story speaks for itself. Seems to me, Californians are good with paying for their quality of living.

  6. Oh, and unless you have a miraculous solution to homelessness and poverty in big cities, welcome to the real world.

  7. I have no problem paying for my "quality of living." But I do have a problem being forced to pay for unproductive welfare queens who produce nothing and throw their trash everywhere.

    Whatever the problem is, throwing more "money" at it is not the solution. The 50 year war on poverty is a complete failure.

    Welcome to the real world. The solution is honest money. Not more debt.

  8. You're point of view is 60 years old. Same old, same old. It doesn't change human nature, poverty or the conservative solution to use punishment as a substitute.

    Top down supply side has filled the Medicaid rolls with more people and more reasons to complain...resent the poor and resent helping them. It's an old ploy that still works.

  9. Yeah it was just about 60 years ago that Kennedy was killed in a coup d'etat and Johnson removed the Silver from coinage starting the Great Society promising free goodies to everyone that couldn't be funded properly thus creating a population of government dependent serfs.

    You should really study history more. Or at least some.

    More poverty today than 50 years ago.
    Medicare is underfunded by 27 trillion dollars.
    Social Security underfunded by 15 trillion dollars.
    20 trillion in national debt
    And Gross Debt to GDP of 104.49%

    Keep looking to Government for solutions. That should work.

    You're still stuck in the Reagan years.

  10. I know, with so many things under funded, let's cut taxes.

  11. The US has the highest corporate (as well as income) tax rate in the world which is why all the corporations have moved overseas. Plus it produces very little revenue anymore.

    Not to mention Democrats keep raising the minimum wage choking businesses so labor can be found cheaper elsewhere.

    Also, a progressive income tax penalizes capital which provides investment and jobs. Never had an income tax until 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was created.

    Anyways, you can't tax your way to prosperity. And you can't force people. They will change their behavior.

    "All initiation of force is a violation of someone else's rights, whether initiated by an individual or the state, for the benefit of an indivdual or group of individuals, even if it's supposed to be for the benefit of another individual or group of individuals." -Ron Paul

    So stop trying to violate my rights and watch this which I'm sure will be way way way over your head...

  12. It's convenient to forget even when the minimum wage was low, business offshored labor because it's their biggest expense. While you focus on the horror of higher minimum wages, business is automating labor. No complaints there, right?

    And in the old days, when corporate taxes were sky high, businesses had to reinvest to lower their tax liability, which is gone due to lower tax rates. Now they take the money out of the business and pad their paychecks, NOT CREATING JOBS.