Friday, May 26, 2017

Democrats, wipe that damn smile off your face!

DNC Chair Tom Perez is a lousy speaker, and a perfect example of why the Democratic Party sucks.

Yesterday I watch a Chuck Todd interview with Tom Perez (seen in the clip below) that just floored me. Todd was incensed that Perez didn't put any real effort into securing that open House seat in Montana. Perez smiled and blathered happy talk about the digital age, feeling good about the parties direction, great respect for other party leaders, blah, blah, blah.

The only on target criticisms came from Republicans...seriously? Here's a short clip of Chuck Todd desperately trying to understand the Democrats bumbling response to the likely election of a thug Republican who beat on a reporter, and why the GOP voter base is energized by the moral and ethical breakdown of our government:

That was a disaster. Smiling Tom Perez is going to kill us in 2018, at a time when the Democrats will have at their disposal more ammunition against Trump Republicans than at anytime in our history; 23 million losing insurance under their AHCA, cuts to schools, the environment, farmers, drug research, children's health, the cover up of Russian meddling in our elections, presidential profiteering on the public dime...etc..

Serious times deserve Serious Faces: The alternative reality constructed around the Democratic Party's supposed disastrous agenda was the result of every hysterically angry, blunt Republican politician promising to save the country from steady job growth, historically low uninsured and unemployment numbers, an end to endless wars, the growth of clean cheap energy, all the while never once offering to "work together."

Please stop smiling! And please, please, please stop writing horrifically cliched press releases and fund raising emails that say nothing, provide no links to stories, and insult potential voters intelligence instead of firing them up.


  1. DNC, DCCC, WisDems, all of them don't seem to understand that we're in a bar fight now. Getting close to winning doesn't count for shit. The only message it sends is that we can still get our asses kicked. The other side is playing for keeps. Their gameplan is costing lives. When will Democrats really understand that?

  2. It's easy to keep getting your asses kicked when you still don't even know what a "government" is, let alone call it "ours."