Wednesday, May 28, 2008

U.S. Weapons Supplier to the America’s

The Gun Guys recent article “U.S. Should Focus On Stemming Gun Trafficking, Mexican Officials Say” should be a wake up call all gun owners. We don’t like the idea that Iran supplies weapons to other countries in the middle east, but it’s ok if we do the same to our neighboring countries. I’ll let the Gun Guys tell you the rest of the story:

The first paragraph of this May 24th Reuters article speaks for itself:

“The chief of Mexico's war on drug gangs said Washington should concentrate
on halting the flow of arms to Mexican drug cartels rather than haggle over how
much aid to give Mexico's anti-smuggling operation.”

Wow! So American politicians are worried about crime increasing along with illegal immigration from Mexico, and the Mexican government is concerned that loose U.S. gun laws are fueling violence and gun trafficking in their nation! That is some irony, a tragic one to be sure.

“Reacting to a vote by U.S. lawmakers to trim an aid package for the drug
war, Mexico's deputy attorney general, Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, said an
alternative would be to keep the cash in the United States and use it to curb
illegal arms trafficking across the border. Indeed, Vasconcelos claims that 97
percent of the guns used by the drug gangs come from the U.S."

That’s 97%!” the gun industry in the U.S. is "looking the other way" and making money off of the drug cartel battles in Mexico which also spill across the border into our nation.

Profit based on the shedding of blood is a profit worth living without. The Mexican government understands that – and our elected officials should too.

The full story is here:

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