Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Health of Republican Party Needs Care

In another example of how far removed the Wisconsin Republican party is to the citizens they supposedly represent, the latest Badger Poll should send a few of these government freeloaders packing for the private sector.

Since we can assume disatisfaction with health care can only get worse, not better, it should be unsettling to see that 48 percent have mixed feelings about the health care system.

According to the Capital Times online, “Two-thirds of the residents polled favored requiring every resident to get health insurance, and 76 percent were in favor of expanding government programs for those without insurance.”

“Half said the cost of health care in Wisconsin is "extremely problematic," while 61 percent favored replacing the current health care system with a new system administered entirely by state government that covers all Wisconsinites.”

Sixty one percent!

For a Republican Assembly that met less than a month in a year and a half, and collected a pay check and health insurance coverage, I hope they lose their ass in November.

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