Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rachel Maddow Joins Blathering Bunch

What big media touches, big media infects. Air America’s Rachel Maddow has been forced to compromise her program with a MSNBC simulcast in her first hour, pushing her into the background and featuring the big media bias of David Gregory. As much as I have cheered Gregory on with his tough questioning, his split personality of political appeasement is infuriating.

Maddow was just one of many who have criticized the media failure, breakdown if you will, to hold this administration accountable. Let’s not forget the media’s mea culpa, admitting it failed to seriously question the reasons for going to war. It wasn't some liberal conspiracy theory either. But Maddow has been put in the position of having to ignore Gregory’s incredible denial.

The MSNBC tie in is an important step for Air America, I understand that, but Maddow’s silence on Gregory’s irresponsible comments are troublesome. Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan admitted the media should have been more unyielding when it came to the outpouring of administration propaganda. But David Gregory thinks otherwise, as Media Matters points out:

NBC's David Gregory, for example, said McClellan "also writes in the book that he think that the so-called liberal media got it wrong and was not hard enough on the administration about the war. You know, I don't know where he gets that idea. I don't know where other people get that idea." Later, Gregory said:

"I think he's wrong. He makes the same kind of argument a lot of people on the
left have made. I tried not to be defensive about it. I thought a lot about this over a number of years, and I disagree with that assessment. I think the questions were asked. I think we pushed. I think we prodded. I think we challenged the president. I think not only those of us in the White House press corps did that, but others in the rest of the landscape of the media did that."

Air America should be guarded against losing it’s independence and critical eye, as it becomes a fully credentialed member of the fourth estate.

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